Leadership Patience Yields Benefits

Leadership Patience Yields BenefitsIn many aspects, effective leadership is often a matter of balancing different traits, actions, and attitudes, and going forward in the correct, effective, meaningful manner. One area that often confuses many in positions of leadership is the balance between behaving in a patient and thoughtful manner, while not becoming a procrastinator. At some point, nearly every leader finds himself Continue reading

Key To Goal Setting – Add Metrics

Key To Goal Setting - Add MetricsA key to goal setting is to make sure you are measuring your goals with metrics. This article will go over a few areas that will help you understand what you should be doing as you apply this key to goal setting.

Get serious

We have to get serious before we start establishing goals. People tell me they do not know why they do not hit their goals. There is a lot of work Continue reading

Is Alcoholics Anonymous a God Thing?

Is Alcoholics Anonymous a God Thing?AA seems mysterious to some people. There is a lot of curiosity and an equal amount of myth. Some believe it is a cult, some think it is an organized religion, some believe it doesn’t work at all, and none of these things are true.

The truth is, YES, the word “God” is used in the 12 steps and in AA approved literature. YES, people make reference to God when they speak and share in meetings. And, YES, Continue reading

Declaring War On Porn!

Declaring War On Porn!Standing in a long queue at a fast food chain outlet can tell you a lot about the society you live in. The four maintenance workers ahead of me were getting lunch and it was with a great sense of macho bravado that they enjoyed a joke, oblivious to other patrons. As they split up to order, one started thumbing through his phone – a naked woman in a sexual pose graced the phone’s background.

I wondered Continue reading

How to Break Your Addiction to Facebook

How to Break Your Addiction to FacebookThere are millions of users on the social network, Facebook. For most it’s just a way of staying in touch with old friends and connecting with new ones. For others Facebook has become a huge addiction. Many spend hours on this everyday either taking to friends or playing the games. There is so much to do that it dominates many people’s days causing a huge problem as it effects other parts Continue reading

Why Leadership Personal Development Program and Seminars?

Why Leadership Personal Development Program and Seminars?Why leadership personal development program and seminars? Why have my husband & I have been involved with an ongoing personal development program since 1991? Our program consists of 2 CDs a week and a book of the month.

Let me start of by telling you how I first got hooked on audio information.

We were young when we started our first company in 1981, a water treatment dealership. We had no clue Continue reading

Alcoholics Anonymous – Twelve Steps – What Does Step Twelve Mean?

Alcoholics Anonymous - Twelve Steps - What Does Step Twelve Mean?The twelfth and final step of the Alcoholics Anonymous program suggests that members take what they have received and share it with others.

Step Twelve – Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.

While step twelve is the last of the twelve steps, it does not necessarily Continue reading