7 Reasons to Set New Goals

7 Reasons to Set New GoalsOne thing I absolutely love about a new year, or a new day for that matter, is that it gives us a fresh start to set new goals and implement new plans to pursue and achieve. I have recently set some new goals that have been keeping me very busy, motivated, and excited. One of my many goals began about three weeks ago. I cut desserts out of my diet. It started with a chocolate fast. I was literally consuming Continue reading

Five Essential Leadership Behaviors

Five Essential Leadership BehaviorsWhile it is rarely a good idea to oversimplify the needed behavior for good leaders, it does makes sense to review and consider these five behaviors that are essential. These include: 1. Stand up for your goals; 2. Listen effectively to get feedback; 3. Tell the truth about your successes; 4. Lead by example; 5. Always stay consistent in terms of your mood, behavior, attitude and expectations. While these Continue reading

Start Setting Some Goals

Start Setting Some GoalsWe always wish that everything we want would be on our ways. We want our fast foods, skip commercial skip buttons and fast cures. We wish for a fats moving life without thinking of the consequences.

You have to start setting some goals because if you do not have any then you are living a life without direction which is current controlled.

When setting goals, try to make them not related Continue reading

Unemployed What to Do – Finding a New Career

Unemployed What to Do - Finding a New CareerNow, your strength and confidence could be maintain and improved by keeping your balance. How?

Let us consider some constructive steps that will help you look into the future with confidence and producing great results.

1 – Relax and plan well

Managing the high stress associated with losing your job and finding another could drain your reserves. Your would need to plan actions Continue reading

Why Should I Do Well in My Studies?

Why Should I Do Well in My Studies?“Education is wealth that can never be stolen from you.”

This is what I always hear from my parents every time they give advices to us, their children. They really send us to school for us to achieve the wealth that can never be stolen. They even say that this wealth is the only treasure that we can inherit from them. Thus, they really sacrifice for the sake of our education. Moreover, they Continue reading

What Leaders Ought to Know – About the Art of Leadership

What Leaders Ought to Know - About the Art of LeadershipMany people want to be effective leaders, not everyone knows how. In fact, many people do not understand the meaning of an effective leader. Leadership is an art to be mastered.

So what are the skills needed for a good leader? What makes up a good leader? Below are the skills that are crucial for the success of a leader.

One of the most important skills is communication. A good leader knows how to drive Continue reading

Decision-Making Today Needs Knowledge and Wisdom

Decision-Making Today Needs Knowledge and WisdomOur businesses are generating so much new information that many leaders feel overwhelmed. The more information and knowledge we generate, the more wisdom we need to make sense of it. It is wisdom that is lacking now more than knowledge.

If the mention of wisdom inspires images of old people with grey hair, then think again. Wisdom can be thought of as the deep understanding Continue reading