The Quitting Zone

The Quitting ZoneHave you ever had a goal, worked really hard to achieve it, persevered through the ups and downs along the way, and then at some stage it all seems too hard and you doubt whether you will ever achieve the goal and so you give up?

This is “The Quitting Zone”.

The funny thing about The Quitting Zone is that it almost always occurs just before you will Continue reading

Knowledge And Integrity Need Each Other

Knowledge And Integrity Need Each OtherIt is never enough for a leader to simply be knowledgeable, while lacking integrity. Similarly, without the necessary knowledge, leaders, regardless of how much integrity they may possess, are rarely able to effectively and capably lead. It is indeed the synergy of these two characteristics that create the ingredients for great and motivating leadership. The brilliant and clever Samuel Johnson stated this precisely Continue reading

Resolution Ideas For 2010

Resolution Ideas For 2010For a long time now, people all over the world have found it easier or better to make new choices at the beginning of a year. New Year resolutions are pretty important in society for all individuals because they help people focus on important goals and hopefully improve their lives accordingly.

The major reason why people make resolutions as the year begins is to take Continue reading

How To Create Your Very Own DREAMWALL!

How To Create Your Very Own DREAMWALL!A great way of attuning yourself daily to what your deepest dreams and wants are is to create yourself a DREAM WALL.

Use books and magazines or search online for images of the things that you want in your life. These should be images of the materialistic achievements you wish to experience in reality in the not to distant future.

Once you have located these pictures cut them out and place Continue reading

Causes of Addiction

Causes of AddictionAddiction is a very strong craving that is abnormal which causes someone to depend on something and tolerate it and it is as a result of forming a habit that is physical or psychological. Addiction is something that is very hard to let go and it has very serious consequences, just as it is said that too much of something is poisonous, the same applies to addiction.

There is a lot of debate going Continue reading

Balanced Goal Setting Examples – Finding Your Elite Road Or Avenue to Balanced Success

Balanced Goal Setting Examples - Finding Your Elite Road Or Avenue to Balanced SuccessMost often when we see a definition of success, it is more times than not, defined in professional and financial terms. However, if you take a moment to think about it, it would seem obvious that such definitions are incomplete. How many people have climbed to the top of their professions, but lost their family or friends or both in the process? Success must be measured across all areas of life.

There Continue reading

Five Common Bad Habits And How To Correct Them

Five Common Bad Habits And How To Correct ThemBad Habits: 5 Common Bad Habits and How to Correct Them

“Good habits must be practiced everyday” parents, teachers, leaders have to repeat that to their children/students/community.

It is not actually bugging people, but reminding them that we all have to check each other. It is true that sometimes it could be an over-reaction, or being too boring, or being too aggressive, Continue reading